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What is Interfaith?

What is Interfaith?

Interfaith describes an interaction between people of different religions or faith traditions. But it is more than that. It is about understanding our significant differences, but recognizing our similarities, and working together for peace, justice and healing in our world.

"For centuries, people of different religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions have gathered each in their own communities to share the wisdom passed by on prophets and sages." The Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr.

Interfaith is not about renouncing religions, or combining all religions into one. In fact, many people find that their friendships with people in other traditions strengthen their understanding and respect for their own tradition.

Interfaith friendships reach out across the stereotypes and misunderstandings that lead to religiously-motivated violence. They reinforce the idea that, regardless of religion or belief tradition, every human deserves respect.

Interfaith interactions live out the core values that are shared by all religions - values like compassion, respect, love, hope and peace, which are necessary for sustaining life in all communities. Interfaith creates a space for all religious, faith and spiritual traditions to be celebrated.

Above: See representatives of different faith traditions light candles and offer words of peace.

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