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Fundación Proyecto 3er Milenio CC

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Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Christian Catholic  See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Youth

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Our purpose is to promote new paradigms in education and to promote a culture of peace. To explore new ways of thinking and acting in peace.

Fundación Proyecto Tercer Milenio, with its 18 years of existence, develops initiatives to educate the youth in the actual concept of peace, and how each person can contribute to a culture of peace from his/her own reality. This includes planting native trees and offering Peace Poles to schools, institutions and public spaces. With these joyful celebrations, we experience the powerful transformation of peace. Since 1993, Fundacio´n Proyecto Tercer Milenio has actively worked to develop a culture of peace through dialogues and reflections with interested groups, panels with prestigious specialists and open and free conferences. We produced several videos: “Disen~ar el Futuro” and “Ciencia y Religio´n, una mesa redonda con SSDL.” We also published a book entitled “Aportes de la Ciencia y la Educacion para una Cultura de Paz.” These materials are available to all who are interested. Susi Reich, our president, is a founding member of URI. She has been sensitive to the situation of indigenous communities, creating a possible channel so that their voice and needs are heard throughout the region with the intention of reaching the global in the near future. In 2000, Proyecto 3er Milenio was elected as “Messenger of Peace” by UNESCO.

Our dream is to work to rise above the ancient model of dominator/dominated and rise above models of those who impose hierarchy, inequality and those things in culture that impede people from practicing cooperation and solidarity in daily life.

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