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Advocates For Grassroots Inter-Religious Cooperation

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PURPOSE: Promote understanding and build unity between people of different religions and traditions to work together side-by-side

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10 Members

Action Area: Community Building, Education, Environment, Health and Social Services, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Media, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Poverty Alleviation/Economic Opportunity, Women, Youth

Region: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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This organization was created to promote understanding and build unity and solidarity between people of different religions and traditions and work together side-by-side for the common good in Pagadian City. The conflict in the Philippines has been there since time immemorial, was more visible and articulated during the colonization period, and is still alive. The easiest way to spark a conflict is to use religion as a vehicle to instigate the interfaith communities. Members are advocates for grassroots interreligious cooperation. They address prejudices and biases accompanied with cultural discrimination by providing a platform of interfaith dialogue for grassroots leaders, and they advocate for reconciliation and healing to one another. They conduct regular monthly meetings among circle members and discuss varied issues and devise action plans; develop relevant modules designed for capacity building for the benefit of members; conduct capacity building workshops among members; lead in peace and solidarity promotional activities; and resolve conflicts and advocate solutions to different social issues. They have been able to lead and observe two big peace-promotional activities in their locality, participated in by hundreds of people, particularly the youth.

VALUE: Our individual deeper spiritual commitment in peace building, in service to the poor and protection of environment

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Mr. Sultan Maguid Acub Maruhom

0133 Prk Tapol, Tiguma
Zamboanga del Sur
Pagadian City

(63) 2194-539

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