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Amsterdam Women’s Group (Vrouwengroep RLRA Amsterdam)

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PURPOSE: Promote dialogue and empowerment between women of various backgrounds in Amsterdam

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8 Members

Traditions: Islam, Brahma Kumaris, Jewish, Scientology  See All

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women

Region: Europe

Website: http://www.amsterdamsevrouwengroep.nl/

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This group of women was formed as part of the Council of Religions and Life in Amsterdam in 1998. Even though the council stopped organizing activities and projects, the women’s group remained active and members will continue their work as a Cooperation Circle in URI Europe. This network organization of women from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds will promote dialogue and empowerment between women of various backgrounds in Amsterdam through the sharing of spiritual values and relevant topics such as identity, cooperation, trust, and spirituality. The group has organized different activities for almost 19 years. Some of their highlights are: Monthly dialogue meetings and events with a goal to meet each other, explore identity, and promote dialogue between different religious and spiritual groups; workshops about parenting and the importance of parenting in the modern world; and events about women, gender issues and race. They plan to involve more people in the future, especially young girls. They want to work on inter-generational dialogue. Amsterdam as a city is involved in inter-generational cooperation and living projects. Members of the Cooperation Circle want to give their contribution in this project. Also, they want to become mentors to young girls and to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

VALUE: Diversity, deep commitment, and trust that we can share and grow in a safe environment that we create together

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Mrs. Carola Goodwin

Pekelharingstraat 5-2
1097 HH


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