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Alianza por Espiritualidad Maya Q’eqchi’, Mopán e Itzaj-APEM

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

7 (seven) Members

Traditions: Aboriginal, Christian Evangelical , Christian Catholic, Roman

Action Area: Education, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Label: Purpose & Activities

CC Alianza por la Espiritualidad Maya Q’ eqchi’, Mopán e Itzaj-APEM is located in San Benito, Peten, Guatemala. This Cooperation Circle serves as a bridge between Mayan communities in Peten, Guatemala, and the nonindigenous world. Members share the wisdom of their cultures through ceremonies, demonstrating the use of plants in medicine, music, decision-making processes, scheduling, education, and the conservation and protection of natural resources through customary law. Alianza por la Espiritualidad Maya Q’ eqchi’, Mopán e Itzaj  work impacts women in Peten by providing training and skills in the agriculture and crafts industries.


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Promotion of the Mayan Culture in the social, community life with the participation of youth and Indigenous teachers and respect of diverse religions

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Professor Mateo Choc Yaxcal

Barrio Tikal,
San Benito,Petén
C.A 17003

(502) 53625798

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