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Traditions: Christian, Islam, Jewish, Christian Orthodox See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Middle East and North Africa

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The purpose of this group is to promote the usage of Modern Standard Arabic language in Israel. Members invite those of the Jewish faith to become acquainted with and appreciative of Islamic culture, by studying language and literature. They study books written by Najib Mahfouz, an Egyptian writer and the winner of Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988. Coming together in this way promotes peace, one meeting at a time. A highlight of their work to date has been a deep sense of cooperation and enduring friendship between Jewish and Arab educators, despite escalating tension in the region. 

Unique cooperation between Jewish and Arab educators.

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Ms. Nadia Tutunji Nusseiba

Wadi Al-Joze, Al-Akhtal St. Apt. 3, E.Jerusalem,

+ (972)526644339

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