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168 Members

Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services

Region: Asia

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Arunima Literary Club  is an absolutely no communal and nonpolitical Cultural Organization. They hope that through the activities of the club they will be able to create a model society of the enlightened and cultured people who will stand by the suffering humanity. They work to develop the literary talents and humanitarian qualities of members of the club through the study of literature and other cultural and humanitarian activities.  They provide them with books and inspire them to read the books, they encourage members to recite and write poem, short story, essay, novel etc, and sing and compose song in Bangla language taking  part in any kind of humanitarian activities when necessary and developing  friendship among the members irrespective of cast, creed & faith. , Their vision to work with the young generation is highly appreciated, specially helping to seed a consciousness of respecting each religion equally among the masses though education and literature.

Interfaith relationship building through meetings of poets and writers

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Professor K.M A Bari

Tazmahal Road / Ring Road Apt: 1404

(880) 1712-171776

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