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PURPOSE: To promote peaceful co-existence through cultural exchange and using art

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100 Members

Traditions: Islam, Atheist

Action Area: Community Building, Indigenous Peoples, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: https://www.asiaculturehouse.org

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Asia Culture House was established in 2015 in Afghanistan which—among other challenges—is continuingly being threatened by religious extremism, sectarian violence, and discrimination against religious minorities such as the Sikh community. Asia Culture House promotes peaceful co-existence through cultural exchange and using art, facilitating networking, indulging in knowledge generation and analysis, and providing capacity development services and advocating in specialized areas: visual arts, theater, music, performance art, literature, mixed media, global network and education. Asia Culture House functions following its annual plan, which includes both cultural and artistic programs—among others, the Afghanistan’s Traditional Dress Festival which specially focuses on marginalized cultures. Furthermore, Asia Culture House has organized socio-cultural programs advocating peace and social harmony. Asia Culture House and its members are committed to advocating for a plural and diverse society. In doing so, it abides by principles of transparency in its conducts, accountability to its members and the community, and its code of ethics and URI. As members, they plan to focus on building bridges between Sikhs and Muslims, various factions of Islam, promoting peaceful co-existence among various ethnicities residing in Afghanistan.

VALUE: The level of commitment to ideals of Asia Culture House among its members

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Mr. Farshad Bonyadih

Azimi Market, Pol-e-Khoshk Station
Mazari Road

(93) 790032490

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