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Association for Religious Objectives Mainstreaming (ASROM)

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13 Members

Traditions: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Youth

Region: Asia

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Our purpose is to develop cooperation between neighbors who practice different religions, thereby transforming our community into a peaceful society.

This CC is located in Cox's Bazar district in the south east of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is a predominantly Muslim area that is more fundamental than other areas of Bangladesh. The majority of the inhabitants prefer madrasha education over the formal national education. The fundamentalist Muslims believe that they are the only ones who can achieve Bhahesta (Heaven), so they dominate other communities. Consequently, children do not have the opportunity to become familiar with other religions, and minorities cannot freely observe their religious festivals without government protection. By we share our religious beliefs, members of this CC build friendships and lessen extreme fundamentalism.

We strive to develop a peaceful society.

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