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Buddha Heart World Headquarter CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

99 Members

Traditions: Taoist , Christian Catholic , Christian, Buddhist

Action Area: Community Building, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Asia

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to promote charity and do research on solutions for the problems of poverty, disease, and war. We aim to bolster people's understanding of the reality of the world and cosmos, so as to reduce greed, disputes, robbery and wars.

Over 40 full-time staff members and 40,000 volunteers provide service work and spiritual education through Buddha Heart World Headquarter. We believe that, "more uniting can bring more good things to people." Our work focuses on protecting the environment, creating programs for learning about culture, fostering peace, and providing social services.

We strive to achieve both inner peace and world peace.

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