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Bloodlife Initiative Kenya

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If blood has one colour, then humanity is also one. 

Bloodlife Initiative Kenya
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10,000 Members

Traditions: Christian Protestant , Islam, Christian Pentecostal , Baha’i See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services

Region: Africa

Website: http://bloodlife.co.ke

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Blood-life Initiative is motivated by the need to save lives through blood transfusion.  It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and works against cultural and religious stereotypes associated with blood transfusion.   It successfully brought people of different faiths and religious groups together to realize their full potential of peaceful co-existence.  Blood-life Initiative is driven by the belief that if blood has one colour, then humanity is also one. 


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We organize blood donations among young people of different faiths to help save lives in times of emergency.

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Director Pharisn Kimani Mukuria

Commonwealth House
4th Floor Moi Avenue, Room 11

(254) 202-388-662

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