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Traditions: Tribal , Islam, Hindu, Christian

Action Area: Environment, Indigenous Peoples, International Day of Peace

Region: Asia

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The purpose of Bokaro Peace Circle is to create a platform for under-privileged people to build a peaceful society.

Our Cooperation Circle is located in the state of Jharkhand, India: an area rich in natural resources, yet stricken with extreme poverty, food shortages, and human rights violations. Bokaro Peace Circle works with like-minded organizations to raise the voices of everyday people. Because religion plays such a major role in India, our actions can pave the way for a society free from discrimination. We conduct campaigns to fight deforestation and advocate for the right of tribal people to have access to education.

We strive to build a peaceful society.

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Md. Safroj Khan

Swang 1/B, Post- Swang. PS Gomia
Bokaro, Jharkhand,

+ (91) 9835927607

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September 21, 2014 10:17 PM

Bokaro Peace Circle celebrates Peace Day

This year, Bokaro Peace Circle organized an International Day of Peace celebration on Sunday, September 21st. The event was attended by students, teachers and social workers. The theme was "Why is there war between all religions?"


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