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Our purpose is to promote the harmony between the many religions and expressions of people, emphasizing the importance of the primary spiritual search and the divine conscious platform, as a way to get everlasting peace and universal fraternity.

Our CC holds frequent meetings with its members and continues with its interfaith dialogue activities and with the incorporation of new members. We organize activities related to human rights and religious diversity and we are in continuous contact with the Secretariat for Human Rights of the federal government for the implementation of public policies related with this subject. Even more, from July 2008, we got involved in a program to 1) map religious leaders in the Brazilian capital cities, and 2) research the most common problems related to religious intolerance. This will last a year. In 2008, we organized and participated of interfaith gatherings and campaigns for Peace Education, which included:

  1. Participation and organization of Nueva Conciencia event. This event gathers national and international experts to deal with the theme “culture of peace” in science, art and religious traditions
  2. Organization of the Third World Spiritual Forum in Brazil with the theme of “Environment, Development, Religion and Traditions”
  3. Participation in the ninth movement for Life in Palmas; 4) Organization and participation in the Fourth Conference for Peace convened by Conic (National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil); and
  4. Participation in the campaign for the network for disarmament in Brazil, working together with other organizations.

Our dream is to stimulate spiritual consciousness, emphasizing the self-knowledge path and authentic spirituality, healthy, non-sectarian and non-violent, as well as the importance of the divine conscious in everything that is done while interacting with other living beings.

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Brasilia - Distrito Federal

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September 29, 2016 7:05 PM

III International Seminar RePacificar

Experts from five continents, emphasizing concrete experiences and actions in favor of peace and human development culture, shared various preventive, intervention or restorative practices.


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