Label: Cooperation Circle Info

10 Members

Traditions: Christian Seventh Day Adventist , Christian Presbyterian, Church of Central Africa C.C.A.P., Christian Catholic See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to foster inter-religious dialogue.

We assist orphans and elderly people by educating them about HIV/AIDS, and the need to build peace. We do this by performing plays and composing songs. One of our most memorable activities was moving from village to village telling people about URI. Another activity was donating food and clothes to orphans and elderly people in conjunction with Chisapi students. We hope to reach all the villages in the vicinity of our CC and offer workshops to village headmen, chiefs, religious leaders, politicians and business people.

Our dream is to educate people on the necessity of peace.

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