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Community Initiative for Social Enhancement (CISE)

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Traditions: Christian Anglican, Christian Catholic , Christian Pentecostal , Christian Seventh Day Adventist  See All

Action Area: Education, Poverty Alleviation/Economic Opportunity, Women

Region: Africa

Website: http://www.cisesouthafrica.org

Label: Purpose & Activities

Since 2009, this organization has been embarked in different projects that have changed the lives of people in South Africa). One of the most memorable moments was during the 2010 world cup hosted in South Africa. This was a time when an initiative called Goal Champaign on Quality Education for All emerged. CISE was one of the coordinating organizations from South Africa. They used the World Cup as a way to reach out to millions of people from across the world with messages promoting Education, peace and unity. Since then, the organization was mandated to coordinate the formation of a national education coalition involving different NGO working to promote the quality of education in South Africa. Their major future plans is to continue violence prevention and issues of justice and impunity related to xenophobic violence, uplifting the lives of vulnerable people through social-economic  empowerment initiative and end rape and violence against women and girls in South Africa.

A South African society free of poverty, violence and HIV

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Aubrey Adamson Makata

166 Bram fisher Drive, 46-47, Randburg Centre
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa

(27) 845 417 098

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