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Clergy for Compassion and Harmony CC

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22 Members

Traditions: Islam, Christian Anglican, Buddhist, Hindu See All

Action Area: Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: North America

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We are an association of clergy from different historic religions. Our purpose is to provide spiritual support to fellow clergy through friendship, prayer, worship/devotions, theological reflection and discussion of common issues and problems faced by religious communities. We also take action of a spiritual nature if necessary.

We are made up of visible minority clergy serving visible minority communities of historic faiths in the lower Mainland, primarily Surrey, Delta, and Richmond. Our mission is to support visible minority clergy through friendship, prayer and devotions. We discuss common issues and problems to take action of a spiritual nature. During the past years, we have joined others in prayers over the Taiwan earthquake, Gujarat earthquake, and South American flood. During the conflict in Kashmir, we appealed to the Presidents of India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Premier to labor towards a peaceful solution to the conflict. We also appealed to the president of the USA to desist attack on Iraq. We were represented at the PWR Cape Town, SLC URI-NA Summit, UN- Peace Summit, LA-NAINConnect and Rio Global URI.

We dream of compassion, understanding, harmony, collegiality and proffesional excellence amongst the clergy of historic religious faiths.

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