Label: Cooperation Circle Info

7 Members

Traditions: Christian Anglican, Christian Pentecostal , Baha’i, Christian Presbyterian

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Women

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to visit the sick and elderly, and to comfort and counsel women in domestic violence situations.

The end of the war opened a new chapter in Angola, allowing it to move towards the fulfillment of its development goals. Progress requires the inclusion of all Angolans. In this respect, it is critically important for our CC to participate in the building of a new mentality and a new vision that includes unity and tolerance for one another. As part of our regular service, we visit leprosy colonies, and we are involved in education and counseling about HIV/AIDS.

Our dream is to give hope to those who feel helpless, who are suffering, or are reaching the end of their life.

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