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Compassion for Animals CC

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12 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Christian, Sikh

Action Area: Environment

Region: Multi-Region

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Through skill sharing, networking, awareness raising and advocacy, Compassion for Animals CC looks forward to consolidating a group of like-minded people to support global animal welfare charities. Convinced that there is a real disconnect between talking about compassion and treating the animals the way we do, CC members will add stronger voices to the outcry of injustice and put an end to the violence, disrespect, and loss of life and species. They believe that, while there is great work being done with about the environment, there is a gap in activism when it comes to compassion for animals. It is important that we recognize the horror in the treatment of animals as abuse and that we take action.  

To form a network of like-minded people to support global animal welfare charities

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Dr. Kiran Bali

25 Ripon Avenue, Fartown
United Kingdom

(44) 7944 335855

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April 26, 2016 11:30 AM

The Buddha and YOU

Let’s be Lord Buddha. In his ascetic ways he inspires us to be like a voyager.


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