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Comunidade Tao Judaica De Verdade

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7 Members

Traditions: Spiritual Movement , Taoist , Yoga meditation , Philosophers

Action Area: Community Building, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Label: Purpose & Activities

The umbrella organization to which this branch in Goias was born in Colombia in a family of peasants defenders of nature and now it is in all the world, with nearly half million members. It is called the Tao Jewish Community Of Truth because they follow both original lines of Taoism and Judaism. At the beginning it was just a Taoist group, then with the approach of ancient Judaism leaders both systems of study and philosophical wisdom and lifestyle merged together. From 2012 they began to spread it more widely. Members cooperate in humanitarian and ecologic work contributing to humanity and ecological wellbeing. They search unity among nations specifically between Latin American countries through learning from other cultures, countries, ethnic groups, races. They religious and ethnic diversity gives wealth of contributions and opportunities rather than dividing people. Understanding differences  gives people  greater sensitivity to human pain and greater willingness to serve. 

Contribute to humanity and ecological wellbeing

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Maria Moreira Leitão Oliva

J – 24 Quadra 26 Lote 9 Setor Jaó
Goiânia , Goiás

(55) 62 3661-0755

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