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Cosmic Community Centre CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

35 Members

Traditions: Dalit , Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Asia

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to promote interreligious harmony and to take care of the impoverished members of the Karickam community in Kerala, India.

The Cosmic Community Centre was a pioneer in promoting the ideals of URI in India. The organization was established to promote dialogue and to study different religions with the intention of encouraging students to form interfaith movements. Some of our activities include participating in the International Day of Peace Rally, holding interfaith exhibitions, celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi as a day of youth service, and embarking on pilgrimages of study. An important highlight for 2012 was the Traveling Peace Academy Training Program, which brought together thirty delegates from around the world.

One of the most successful projects of our Cooperation Circle was the establishment of the Santhavanam Cancer Care Society in 2010. The services offered by the society have been a boon to the local community as most people do not have the funds to cover the high fees of medical clinics. We intend to continue to expand the services of the Santhavanam Cancer Care Society by opening a kidney dialysis unit in the future.


Our purpose is to promote inter-religious harmony and to work for world peace

This is the second CC registered in Kerala and we have become a pioneering unit in promoting URI ideals. Our organization was established in 1991 with objectives such as to proclaim all humanity as children of one creator God, to promote study of various religions and ideologies, to promote ongoing dialogue among religions and ideologies, to help form interfaith students' movements in different parts of the world, to strive for justice and ecological soundness and to propagate the idea of community living etc. Our regular programs include a Peace Rally on UN International Day of Peace, a celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi as a day of youth service, study pilgrimages, etc.

We are striving to establish one world family.

October 1, 2010 1:00 PM

Ambulance for Cancer Patients

One of our dreams has come true. We have purchased a new ambulance for our ‘Santhwanam’ (Relief) Cancer Care Centre at Karickam. We raised over 300,000 rupees for the same (8000 dollars... Read more...

August 29, 2010 5:51 PM

International Interfaith Conference on Holy Books and People of Other Faiths

4th International Intertextuality conference on Holy Books will be held at Kottarakkara, Kerala, India during August,2011. The theme will be "HOLY BOOKS AND PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITHS"


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