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Círculo de Encuentro Interreligioso Montevideo

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PURPOSE: Promote encounter, dialogue and fraternity among members and leaders of all religions

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Traditions: Christian, Theosophical , Buddhist, Sikh  See All

Action Area: Community Building, Human Rights, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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This group aims to promote encounters, dialogue and fraternity among members and leaders of all religions, spiritualities and new religious movements. Members meet monthly to pray and reflect together. They also share the passion of working for peace, freedom and human rights. They believe in inclusive laicity. They support the integration of religious minorities with the historic ones. They have organized several Interfaith events. Among the most memorable of these was the one attended by a Rabbi from Paris and Parliament members and the Dialogue Roundtables in the Parlasur.

VALUE: Freedom, fraternity and compassive mutual understanding

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Padre Ubaldo Raúl Pino

Tahim 964

(598) 95369101

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