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Entrepreneurship Initiative for African Youth

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Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

Action Area: Community Building, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://youthenterprisesafrica.org

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Entrepreneurship Initiative for African Youth is a Nigeria-based, national, youth-focused Non-Governmental Organization. Its objectives include: providing diverse African young people with entrepreneurial learning opportunities; organizing training, educational and mentoring programs on entrepreneurship and business development; and stimulating entrepreneurship development by engaging youths from different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to participate actively in transforming Africa’s 21st century economy and to mitigate poverty among young Africans. Entrepreneurship Initiative for African Youth conducts trainings, summits, conferences and other events on youth leadership and entrepreneurship development. They organize peace forums, sensitization and awareness education towards fostering inter-religious understanding, mutual economic cooperation and peaceful coexistence among young people in Nigeria. They engage as policy advocacies for youth development, employment generation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria and in Africa at large. They coordinate the African Young Entrepreneurs Network, which is a social media network of 10,000+ members who share various opportunities and information for diverse young entrepreneurs in Africa. The group also facilitates discussions and networking opportunities, and explores and promotes innovative and excellent youth ideas for economic transformation.

The Entrepreneurship Initiative for African Youth (EIFAY) is a youth-driven and youth-led non-governmental organization (NGO) currently operating from Enugu, Nigeria.

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Executive Director Emmanuel Egwu Acha

51 Ziks Avenue, Uwani

(234) 8033751328

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