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Eilat Interfaith Encounter Group

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13 Members

Traditions: Christian, Druze , Islam, Jewish See All

Action Area: Community Building, Human Rights, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Middle East and North Africa

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This group is mainly formed by educators who develop their work in Eliat, just around the corner of Aqaba, in Jordan, with a unique interfaith composition for Israel. Their population is formed by Muslims, Christians, Armenians and other sub-groups. CC members believe that education is very important in building bridges. They organize meetings at private venues to study basic religious texts and lectures, concentrating on the educational scope. They also promote social meetings, associating children and relatives, and arrange trips and visits to sites connected to the various religions. By learning and sharing, students, teachers and parents understand the importance of appreciating the different. They hope to build a strong interfaith community in Eliat.

Constructive and friendly encounter between inhabitants in Eilat.

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Mrs. Deputy Head of a Sec Mazal Katsir

Rabin Secondary School


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