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7 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Islam, Sikh

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

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This small group works at the local level to address family conflicts and social issues like health and education for children. The CC worked from the beginning with Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and families from other religions, so once they learned about URI they realized that much more could be done to strengthen their interfaith relationships and strengthen their work. By knowing each other more in depth, they feel they can render better service to children and families.

At the moment Ektaa Samaj Foundation is engaging women in every social action, and promoting interfaith and intercultural relationships by addressing common social problems like children’s education, health and environment. Members are taking steps together to resolve domestic conflicts. They engage each member of the family to expand their thinking and work with diverse interfaith people in addressing and resolving domestic problems. They are working to uplift family values. They have engaged more than 200 families to address and resolve social problems together, specially engaging women and children, who are most at risk of being victimized by any nature of violence. The CC is working together to create a safer circle and community, and encourages active participation to help children grow with happiness.  

We are working to uplift family values.

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Ms . Afsana Khatoon

Village Mahesha Munda, Kahal Gaon
Bhagalpur, Bihar

(91) 850 979 3204

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