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Escola Ntwananu Matola-RIO CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

13 Members

Traditions: Islam, Universal Church of the Master Believer , Christian Methodist , Igreja Etopia  See All

Action Area: Women, Youth

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to help the poor and work for peace.

The members of this CC belong to a school that caters to training women from the age of 18 to 45 who are from poor, broken families, some of whom are the head and earning member of the family with an average of five children. This school is self sufficient with the help of financial assistance from a German Association helping in Mozambique. They constructed classrooms with the local government authorities for training these women in the fields of sewing/tailoring, ceramics, cultivation of medicinal plants, and kitchen-gardening. Sewing machines were donated by the German Association and some of the women students now, after learning in these classes, have bought their own sewing machines and run small, home based sewing businesses of their own. A total of more than 80 women have been trained and have benefited. The desire of these women to form a CC came about after 5 of these students and their instructor attended the URI National Conference at the invitation of URI Mozambique.

We dream of an honest life and a peaceful world.

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