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Eurynome – Weavers of Sacred Movement

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7 Members

Traditions: Indigenous , New Age , Buddhist, Philosophers See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Women

Region: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Label: Purpose & Activities

The mission of Eurynome – Weavers of Sacred Movement is to bring sacred feminine dance to restore peace, balance and unity in the world. Eurynome’s goal is to bring together women from a range of diverse spiritual backgrounds, and who are all dancers, to empower not only each other but women around the world who bear witness to their performances and experience their energy. Eurynome is focused on creating environments for the celebration of the Sacred Feminine in all its diverse manifestations in cultures around the world. They are committed to empowering women and fostering greater interfaith and intercultural understanding through their dance. In this way they join the host of URI Cooperation Circles that seek to foster greater understanding through the arts, as well as those CCs who focus on empowering women. 

Bringing sacred feminine dance to restore peace, balance and unity

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Miss Laura Emilia Escudero

163 Westgarth St
Northcote, VIC

(61) 0434-943-100

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