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60 Members

Action Area: Community Building, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

This group of 60 members (Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Pentacostals and Seventh Day Adventists) offers services to women who are the victims of years of armed conflict in the region. They provide counseling, refer women to health centers and encourage women who have few economic means to learn about their rights and and legal services. They provide educational programs and lead a small tailoring project to empower women with skills which will potentially enable them to earn an income.

To bring widespread change to a vulnerable community.

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Deputy Program Coordinato Lily Taluminanwe Misenga

Muhungu Meteo # 5, Ibanda,
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

+ (243) 853154947

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