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Fukushima Response Cooperation Circle

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12 Members

Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Indigenous Native American , Islam See All

Action Area: Environment

Region: North America

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Committed to raise international awareness of the dangers of the damaged reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, and work toward an effective international response.

CC members are part of a large network of activists whose goal is to raise international awareness about the dangers of the crippled nuclear plant at Fukushima Daiichi. They are looking for solutions to the enormous danger to all life posed by the ongoing discharge of radioactivity into the air and water, and by the very real possibility of another huge explosion, which could be triggered by another large earthquake or typhoon, or by a mishap during the removal of bent and twisted spent fuel rods from a damaged pool on the roof of fragile building 4, 100 feet in the air.   They are grateful for the opportunity to organize our efforts, and to disseminate their message to the larger circles that connect with URI.

They have:

1) held a prayer day on Friday, November 8th, the day TEPCO originally planned to start removing the Unit 4 rods, (they've postponed it)  and plan to continue with prayers every Friday.

2) arranged for Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Paula Horne-Mullen, members of our circle, to speak at the United Nations.

3) continued working to have a Resolution introduced into the General Assembly which would internationalize the cleanup at Fukushima.

4) conducted an ongoing exhaustive media search, and consulted with a number of experts to ascertain the true dangers and evaluate the various options available to remedy the situation, technically, politically and spiritually.

Work with Japan on the cleanup and containment of Fukushima radiation

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Carol Wolman

Address- 406 41st St.
CA 94609
United States

1 510-655-1667

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