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Golden Way Young People For Justice And Peace Group

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PURPOSE: Spreading peace through our collective action

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7 Members

Traditions: Hindu, Islam, Christian

Action Area: Education, Environment, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Media, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Poverty Alleviation/Economic Opportunity, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

Website: https://www.worldvision.in/

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World Vision Organization is a very unique, faith- based organization that is committed to bringing lasting and significant changes in society irrespective of differences in backgrounds (religious, caste, class, ethnicity, gender). Golden Way Young People For Justice and Peace Group is their Faridabad branch. CC members truly bring life to the Preamble, Purpose and Principles of URI on ground and they are passionate to work on building a peaceful world. One of their programs is “Play for Peace” and is focused on providing quality education in the community they serve. They also run YPJP groups (Young People for Justice and Peace), promoting peace messages to the masses in an attractive manner. Their hopes and plans for the future are to involve 3,000 young people in their project area. Total numbers will come to 360,000 young people all over India in 120 projects. We have plans to make our young people self-reliant to work and, through their careers, to spread peace in their respective areas.

Our value is our unity and ability to work together for a common cause

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Mr. Amanat Samuel Masih

16 Voc Main Road, Kodamabakkam
Tamil Nadu

(91) 44-24807081

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