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Hope for Palestinian Kids

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PURPOSE: To enhance the future of Palestinian kids to live in good conditions and peace. 

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12 Members

Traditions: Islam Muslim Sunni , Islam, Christian

Action Area: Community Building, Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Middle East and North Africa

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Challenged by the environment in which they live, members of this group decided to work together regardless of our religious traditions or ethnic backgrounds. They are building connections between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews to promote peaceful co-existence. So far, they have conducted several in-kind donation campaigns where they distributed food, clothes and medical equipment. They have also conducted several educational workshops on volunteer work, disability and other educational activities and built bridges between Palestinian and Jewish people in historical Palestine through the Seeds of Peace (SOP) program. Their aim is to enhance the future of Palestinian kids so that they live in good conditions and peace. They have done great work in the fields of promoting human rights, peaceful coexistence, and empowerment of less fortunate people in Palestine

VALUE: Spirit of cooperation and voluntarism

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Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Sabatin

Schools Streets
West Bank
Arroub Camp
Palestinian Territory

(972) 0599388439

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