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Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Community Building, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Asia

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Our purpose is to create a social platform for all voices to be heard, so that justice can be upheld.

We develop our work in Jharkhand, a state that is a hot spot of tension and conflict. Although Jharkhand is abundant in natural resources, there is a shortage of food and poverty is extreme. The state is also characterized by its human rights violations. In light of these challenges, we are working with like-minded organizations, the government, and the media to highlight the needs of people and raise the voices of those at the grassroots level to the national level. In collaboration with the local government, we have created employment in areas where there is conflict. We also provide legal assistance to needy people.

Since religious practices and beliefs play a major role in our country, and we are working to build a society free from discrimination, we encourage interfaith activities. We host interfaith dialogue groups to resolve issues between workers and those in authority. In the future, we plan to continue to take a stand on human rights issues and to promote interreligious learning and sharing through community service programs, children's education, and environmental protection projects.

We advocate for human rights and seek to build a discrimination-free society.

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