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Janseva Pratishthan, Vita

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PURPOSE: To understand the importance of being a human, respecting and spreading the ethical legacy of various cultures 

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Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Health and Social Services, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

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JPV is an NGO founded in 2001 in India with the basic motto "Betterment of human life by implementing pragmatic solutions for social equality, disparities and discernible youth contribution to advancement." The JPV has successfully reached more than 65,000 people and has a track record of 16 years for actively connoting measure for the rural and urban poor in economic, social, political and cultural ethics. The NGO has worked for the progression of women and the downtrodden people of drought-prone areas and has being involved extensively in solving social problems. Members organize skill development trainings through their training center in Vita City. So far, they have provided trainings to more than 500 poor women. They have undertaken tree planting programs and organized environmental education programs to students of the area. They have also solidified people’s engagement in governance by meetings and gatherings arranged in more 150 villages involving spreading information about the Indian Constitution and citizens’ democratic engagement. JPV´s Self Help Group (SGH) formulation has successfully formed 250 SGHs and provided them information about community and solidarity at different levels, such as Citizen Rights and Economical Parameters. Their activities include: rural economic development, environmental education, and awareness, women and child counseling, eradicating child labor, financial management, a crèche (nursery for babies and small children) for poor women working as ragpickers, and livelihood promotion programs.

VALUE: Independence, peace, equality, determination, sharing, collaboration, discipline

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Mr. Shivtej Mahaling Shete

Bhavani Nagar, Patil Vasti
Sangli, Maharashtra

(91) 8149714012

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