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15 Members

Traditions: Christian, Christian Seventh Day Adventist , Christian Jehovah’s Witness , Rastafarian

Action Area: Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Africa

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Kasinje CC members have been active in their community since 1999. When they heard about URI, they decided to become a co-operation circle specifically because they loved the idea of using interfaith to unite their community .They are working with enthusiasm and humor despite their exceptionally poor circumstances. They are most proud of the construction of a beautiful toilet at Kasinje primary school. They are also working together to protect their environment. They have covered two acres with special grass called Vidiva along the river. That grass will cover the bare ground to avoid erosion.  Currently they are digging a pipeline trench at Kasinje Centre which is 500 m long. They want to construct a piped water system. They hope that with this action, dysentery and diarrhea will be reduced, impacting also in community health.

Improving the safety of our environment and sanitation while doing interfaith work.

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Martin Tchiphi

P O Box 14

(265) 999417080

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