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PURPOSE: To promote the multilateralism in the society through our work in faith-based issues and diversity promotion

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9 Members

Traditions: Christian, Islam Muslim Shi’a , Islam Muslim Sunni , Gnosticism

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Website: https://www.facebook.com/larsa.org

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Larsa Organization is a well-established non-profit organization working to restore peace in Iraq, a country that has been suffering from sectarian violence since 2003. Larsa has accomplished many bridge-building projects between different religious traditions and minorities. They focus on promoting minorities' rights and a culture of tolerance and active citizenship. The group is proud of its involvement in the "we are all citizens" project in Iraq, which was developed by the Dutch organization (PAX) in partnership with them and in cooperation with the EU and Dutch MOFA. The project aimed at reinforcing the citizenship and avoiding the sectarian tension and violence in Iraq. They organized many activities, campaigns, events, workshops and festivals as well. In addition, they screened many documentary movies. They published a religion heritage book with the supervision of the director of antiquities and heritage inspectorates in Basra and representative of UNESCO in Iraq. The book is dedicated to the documentation of archaeological sites and to educate the young people about the cultural heritage and the importance of preserving it.

VALUE: The diversity of Larsa Organization members that come from different religions and ethnics

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Mr. Bassam Abdul Razaq Alwachi

Andalus District

(964) 7801396222

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