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Lebanese Interfaith Initiative CC

Lebanese Interfaith Initiative CC
Label: Cooperation Circle Info

7 Members

Traditions: Islam Muslim Sunni , Islam Muslim Shi’a , Druze , Christian Maronite

Action Area: Youth

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Website: http://www.lydsorg.blogspot.com

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to create a common platform for Lebanese Youths to interact, communicate and develop dialogue skills in areas related to interfaith...

To spread awareness among all Lebanese youths on pluralism, democratic rule, interfaith dialogue, transparency, human rights' education, gender equality through workshops, multimedia tools, and advocacy campaigns. To gather Lebanese, Arab and Middle Eastern youths from all sects, religions, ethnics, and non-partisan groups to discuss and solve cultural and religious clashes. To train young activists on leadership, intercultural, conflict resolution, peace building in an attempt to help them become initiators, each in his/her own community. To advocate human rights education as the first and essential guarantee for transition toward full democratic Middle Eastern societies.

To learn more, visit www.lydsorg.blogspot.com

We do believe that we must work cooperatively with all organizations which meet our objectives and aspirations to build more projects about solidarity, youth participation, inclusion and importance of citizenship initiatives.

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