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Linda Tucker Foundation Cooperation Circle

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PURPOSE: To restore balance and harmony to ecosystems and human systems through a LionHearted Leadership

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Traditions: Shamanism , Christian, Jewish, Interfaith  See All

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://www.lindatuckerfoundation.org/

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The Linda Tucker Foundation operates fully in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. The Foundation is based in South Africa and has a presence in both the UK and USA. It raises awareness of environmental and conservation issues through the following educational activities: White Lion Leadership Academy, Igniting the Heart youth Leadership training, StarLion Centres, LionHearted Ranger youth platform, Practitioner Training in the 13 Laws of Lionhearted Leadership, Educational campaigns, events, and publications. Linda Tucker Foundation is advocating for a change in the legal status of lions and other endangered species, which are regarded as commodities and are being pushed towards extinction under current legislation. It is also advocating for the stewardship of the Earth and her natural resources to be returned to the hands of the indigenous wisdom keepers. LionHearted Leadership™ program for Corporates brings the LionHeart back into the Corporate environment through an intensive program that introduces the 13 Laws and gives the corporate teams training in how to apply them effectively for positive change. This includes months of online classes, personal sessions and undertaking a teambuilding fundraising drive, followed by a team trip to South Africa to see the White Lions. One United Roar Talent challenge 2016 – (www.oneunitedroar.org) was one of their most memorable activities. This was a global talent challenge where children were invited to Ask the Lion how it felt to be caged, hunted, captured, forced to breed, and to be separated from its young… and then express their feelings creatively! Six international winners were flown to South Africa for a week in March 2017, where they were joined by 9 StarLion Ambassadors from local schools. We negotiate with Tribal Authorities and corporates to protect the ecologically-crucial headwaters of the Timbavati River and the establishment of “StarLion Centres” – local schools which we engage with to support and promote environmental awareness, cultural consciousness and LionHearted Leadership, e.g. the Treepreneur program – are other highlights.

VALUE: Our track record (through the Global White Lion Protection Trust) of scientific groundbreaking achievements

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Ms. Berry Gargan

Tsau Conservancy, Portion 81
Guernsey Road, Limpopo
South Africa

(27) (0)15 7930657

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