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Lunzu Cooperation Circle

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35 Members

Traditions: Christian Anglican, Christian Catholic , Christian Seventh Day Adventist , Islam

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Members from the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, the Providence Industrial Mission, Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Rastafarians and traditional African religions come together to improve their community’s social welfare. This includes changing their health and sanitation systems and environmental conditions. To date, they have planted 200 indigenous and exotic trees in Lunzu, rural Blantyre and they plan to clean the Mlambe Mission Hospital which services many people in northern Blantyre.

We are improving the health and well being of our community.

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Reverend Father John Mnyema Ng’oma

M1 Road, Lunzu Tc

+ (265) 888 935 118

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