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Minorities of Europe CC

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Traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam See All

Action Area: Community Building, Youth

Region: Europe

Website: http://www.moe-online.com

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Our purpose is to support and assist cooperation, solidarity and exchange between different minority communities and young people in Europe.

Minorities of Europe runs a number of European programmes which include seminars, exchanges, and training courses. We also undertake work at our base in Coventry, UK with local communities seeking to facilitate effective integration into British society. We also carry out work in schools and colleges across the country, usually working with our "Swapping Cultures" program. In this financially hard time, our aim is to continue doing the same work at the same level, but developing new partnerships and working in areas of the world that we have not worked in before. This year we have already organized and facilitated a ground breaking summit between young people from the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Our dream is to help people appreciate and experience the benefits of a diverse, multi-faith society, so that individuals and communities are better able to live and act in harmony.

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