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PURPOSE: To encourage and educate women and make them sure they can self-fund themselves.

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Traditions: Pashton, Tajik, Hazara, Pashayi

Action Area: Community Building, Indigenous Peoples, Women

Region: Asia

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Modern Method is an Afghan organization established in 2009 to bring about a change in the war-torn society. The core idea that brought the founding members together was freedom of speech, which was and is a much-needed goal to be achieved in the country.

Modern Method has since then tried to achieve that goal and other humanitarian activities through different exhibitions, campaigns, and trainings. Among their most-noted activities is an exhibition of freedom of speech, in which a number of media outlets and other related organization participate to promote freedom of speech. It was marked a success. Another effort to bring a change was their human rights and social awareness campaigns for a sector of society that is considered low for being illiterate. The campaigns, which were carried in different provinces of the country, including not very secure ones (such as Kunduz Province), target the main objective to let the illiterate sector of society know their rights and responsibilities, and to give them the courage to struggle for their rights.

In a country like Afghanistan, mainly women are the victims of war, ethnic tensions, and male dominance. Modern Method organized and is planning to organize self-defense trainings, making women capable of protecting themselves while they commute to school, university, work, and other outings.

As members of URI, Modern Method members anticipate building bridges between all ethnicities such as Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, and the Sikh minority, among others. They hope and plan to raise more public awareness campaigns for people to know their rights and their responsibilities, and they plan to continue to work for women’s empowerment and ensuring women’s safety through different workshops and trainings

VALUE: Every single person in our society should understand their rights and responsibilities

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Mr. Ah. Samin Mateen

11th Street, Taimani

(93) 707084723

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