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Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

Action Area: Women, Youth

Region: Africa

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Mzuzu CC is very active and making a significant difference in their community, encouraging interfaith and working hard to improve lives in their area. In getting ready for their work, they  learnt how to plan activities and projects in an inclusive way despite social and economic status and not damaging the environment for future gens. They gathered youth in football boys and girls teams. They see that these teams are beneficial for them not only for the exercise they do  but because belonging to  these groups youth can be a good center for mentorship and early pregnancy avoidance. As they are playing, they are also realizing their goals in sportsmanship. Malawi-Scotland Partnership is supporting them; they managed to send three of their coaches to Kwendeni for training by a team of Scots from Queenspark. Mzuzu CC has also created a partnership with a business group in town, dealing with savings and loans. They have mobilized women as a group helping them understand that they can use this savings and loaning scheme for their small enterprises so that they can progress in sustainably. CC members have decided to support this group, have regular solutions-based conversations and assist them with business planning and understanding the language of business .In order to obtain loans beneficiaries have to have a business or activity that creates money in order to participate. They take turns to use the revolving capital. For those wanting to create a small business and join the group, CC members help them with advice and planning.

Community empowerment and development through engagement with youth, gender and health issues.

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