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United Religions of Nairobi CC

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We are committed to promoting the name and work of URI in Kenya, and promote harmony among all religions.  

United Religions of Nairobi CC
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35 Members

Traditions: Sikh , Hindu, Brahma Kumaris, Baha’i See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Africa

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The URI Nairobi CC is a URI pioneer CC and works towards community engagement, bringing new members, and mentoring new CCS. URI Nairobi is composed of multi-faith members and is based in Nairobi with two of its members, namely Rattan Channa serving as a URI global trustee and Nyambura Mundia as the URI Africa office administrator. The CC has witnessed a considerable increase in CC groups in Kenya, their aim is to ensure that a good sense of direction is instilled in the various CCs work and projects in Kenya.


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Our dream is to see different religions work hand in hand to bring about peace and prosperity.

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