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Nalantha Institute of Social Studies, Tamilnadu CC

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Traditions: Hindu, Islam, Christian

Action Area: Community Building, Education, Environment, Health and Social Services, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

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Activities of Nalantha Institute of Social Studies include building peace and harmony and inter religious harmony. They also work in social development in Tamilnadu, specifically in Dindigul District focusing on Women, Children, Youths and Elders in areas of Health, Water & Sanitation, Livelihood Promotion, Education and Environment Protection. The desired outcome of their work includes reducing poverty, increasing employment and education, improving health condition of the community and building peace and harmony among people of different religions.They have two old age homes with residents each. They have an institute under the Nalantha Educational Trust which offers various training workshops. They have also several publications to their credit.

Build Inter-Religious Harmony and Socio-Economic Development to deserving and downtrodden communities in Tamilnadu

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Mr. T. Sathis Sayeenath

65-A,Sundarapuri, Nallamanarkottai Post
Dindigul, Tamilnadu
624 005

(91) 95973-77835

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