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10 (ten) Members

Traditions: Christian, Hindu, Islam

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Asia

Label: Purpose & Activities

This CC is formed of three important communities Viz. Hindus, Christians & Muslims. Neeleswaram is a predominantly Hindu area and members want to harness peace among all the communities. There are occasional clashes among militant groups and they want to become catalysts for peace among such fighting groups. This group has very good artists and other professionals among them. They organize series of training programs and workshops for youth and students in addition to TV programs of various kinds.

Seing humanity as one

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Mr. Neeleswaram Sadasivan

Mukaluvila Veedu Neeleswaram PO
Kottarakkara, Kerala

(91) 9495510065

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