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Of the Indigenous People of Argentina CC

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12 Members

Traditions: Indigenous

Action Area: Indigenous Peoples, Youth

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Our purpose is to use dialogue with children and with the different religions, spiritual traditions, and indigenous traditions of the world as a means to achieve harmony among human beings and Mother Earth.

We share the wisdom of our culture and we learn from the different religions and spiritual traditions. We participate in different meetings and events that have to do with the understanding among religions and spiritual traditions. We make the contribution from our vision in actions in favor of peace in the world. In 2009 and 2010 we have specially dedicated to share with children at public and private schools our cosmovision and values. They have been very receptive and their families and teachers have let us know how much this exchange has enriched them. We have also opened interreligious dialogue within indigenous communities and this has helped us (indigenous from different groups: kollas, wichis, tobas, guaranies) to be free to manifest if we had a religious affiliation together with our culture.

Our dream is to recover dialogue with mountains, hills, rivers, plants, animals, the sun, the planets, and the stars.

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Buenos Aires

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