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Palestinian Women for Peace Society CC

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10 Members

Traditions: Islam Muslim Sunni , Christian, Indigenous

Action Area: Environment, Women

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to sprout peace among Palestinian women.

We run activities to empower Palestinian women politically, economically, socially and medically in cooperation with other women from adjacent countries and abroad. We teach our members that humanity is the most precious thing and that we must struggle for it, despite race, religion or identity. Our most memorable activity was our first meeting with Jews from Israel; we still remember the time of looking at each other with awe. Everyone was speechlessness and skeptical, but then the Norwegian facilitator started to break the ice between the two groups. We spent three days together in a humble resort called "Peace Oasis" in Latroun-Middle Israel/Palestine, where we got to know each other. Our plans to pursue such activities will surely help actualize our dreams to live together in justice, peace and mutual respect.


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Halima Dawod

Palestinian Territory

+ (972) 22258333

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