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PURPOSE: Envision a society where women have dignified identity, are empowered and equally respected

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10 Members

Traditions: Indigenous , Spiritualist

Action Area: Community Building, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Asia

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Ahmedabad City of Gujarat province is a highly sensitive city when it comes to inter-religious violence. Parwaaj CC is a community-based organization working for women's empowerment and communal harmony in this context. Most of its members have suffered personal losses during the 2002 Gujarat genocide, and since then, they have joined different civil society organizations and worked for Peace bringing leadership among women. Their activities are mainly trainings, focused group discussions, and campaigns.  Parwaaj also has a network all over Gujarat. The members have been actively working for women and children affected by violence.

Our values are democracy, trust, justice and peace

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Mr. Khairunnisha Irshad Pathan

14-AI-Niyaz Park

(91) 9998022282

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