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PathWays for Diversity Education Inc.

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Traditions: Baha’i, Christian, Jewish, Atheist See All

Action Area: Community Building, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Website: http://www.beliefpathways.org

Label: Purpose & Activities

PathWays for Diversity Education Inc. was established for educational purposes in order to promote mutual respect and social cohesion across the diversity of belief in Australian society, including both faith and freethought worldviews. This educational work is carried out in two main settings, first in the training of young adult presenters, second among senior high school students, usually Year 10.

In all settings, PathWays deliberately engages in a conversational workshop format, in which younger and older participants have equal opportunity to contribute, including students, presenters and experienced representatives of faith and freethought.

Pathways is quite pioneering in terms of interfaith dialogue, and has broadened its focus to inter-belief dialogue. It has created a new dialogue and cooperation linking people from both religious and secular organizations. The term interbelief is used to denote this diversity that moves beyond interfaith to embrace humanist worldviews. Pathways sends presenters, mainly young people, from 3 different belief backgrounds into schools in which they talk about their own experiences with their belief background, and answer questions from students. This program called Path-Wise has been affirmed by teachers and students in both public and private schools and also by related community groups. Pathways has worked in cooperation with Interfaith Networks in Local Government Areas.  For details visit their website: www.beliefpathways.org 

Fruitful conversations among school students and between students and teachers about the plurality of beliefs in Australian society.

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PathWays Administrator Rev. Dr Paul David Tonson


29 Arnott St
Mont Albert North,
VIC 3129

(61) 413 010 146

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