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7 Members

Traditions: Christian Methodist , Christian Baptist, Spiritualist

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Women, Youth

Region: Africa

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Mozambique is basically more than 20 or 30 tribes. In each tribe there are certain beliefs and faiths. Paz Mozambique CC believes interfaith will help the community to deal with almost every kind of belief in the tribes. They created a platform where they will  have  the opportunity to discuss, express opinion and find that one thing that can make them walk together to build the country together. If it was only one faith we would not be able to embrace each other and walk together. This CC was created to help Mozambicans recognize, accept, celebrate their diversity and contributions to building peace in Mozambican society. As members of URI they plan to offer capacity building for peace within existing institutions including: Highlighting Role Models, Emphasis on adapting to local context, case studies and access to information.

To help Mozambicans recognize, accept, celebrate their diversity.

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Stanley Nyoni

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