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URI Circle for Peace and Nonviolence Education CC

Label: Cooperation Circle Info

10 Members

Action Area: Youth

Region: Multi-Region

Label: Purpose & Activities

youOur purpose is to be an online, globally-based group of URI members committed to sharing, learning, and teaching the ways of Nonviolence Communication and Training in Nonviolence and Peace at core levels.

Our members will offer trainings from various traditions and in various models for CC’s and others, and will populate the Resource section of the website with suggestions for readings and opportunities.

We are just beginning, building on a foundation of effective use of different techniques in training at the Children’s Peace Palace in Rajasthan, the sharing with Youth Ambassadors in their formation, and several in-circle trainings within CC’s – notably, Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Peace Academy. We have developed a lively online dialogue among prospective members with multiple gifts who see a need for sharing such information both within and without URI.


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