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Interfaith Council for Peace in Mindanao

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23 Members

Traditions: Islam, Christian Catholic, Roman , Christian Anglican See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Label: Purpose & Activities

The purpose of our group which consists of 23 members, is to bring religious leaders from various faiths together and create a culture of harmony, respect for one another, cooperation, love and mutual understanding. As a group we regularly visit Churches, Mosques and medical missions.  Amongst many other activities, we conduct interfaith council meetings, celebrate the Mindanao Week of Peace, the Lanao Month of Peace and many other activities.

PEACE & HARMONY will start from among us Religious Leaders

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Bishop Stephen Villaester

18 Narra Street, San Miguel Village, Palao
Iligan City

+ (63) 639177493680

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